Four Keys to Picking the Best MLM Business

The best MLM business for me may not be the best one for you. Why? To truly be successful in network marketing you have to be passionate about the products or services your company provides. I may be passionate about a healthy juice product. Maybe you’re not. Your passion is with a travel MLM, for example.

To make it easier to rate different network marketing companies and be able to pick out a good one, here are four keys to help you pick out the best MLM business. These are not in any particular order.

1. How long has the company been in business? There are a lot of “flash-in-the-pan” companies that don’t last even 2

years. A good guideline is about 5 years, but this is just a guideline. If you feel very passionate about a brand new MLM – Go for it! This is just one criteria you can use to evaluate a great company.

2. What is their “Retention Rate?” What percentage of new sign-ups actually STAY on the monthly auto ship program for at least 6 months? The MLM industry “standard” rate is a dismal 15%. Find a company that has a higher – a lot higher rate, and you will know that people actually love and are selling the product.

3. How much competition is there? This is a BIG deal. Why do so many people join network marketing companies without giving this a thought? There are a few “niches” that I personally would stay clear of. And this includes “Juice” MLM companies, travel businesses and cell phone companies. I have nothing against these companies. But why put yourself at a disadvantage from day one? So be looking out for a company with NO competition that has a hot product – and you’ll be looking at the best MLM business!

4. How popular are the products or services? Are the products part of a growing trend or one that is slowly dying? These are important questions to ask yourself as you do your own research. You want to steer clear of a company that has passed it’s upward growth stage and is now in decline. This may have nothing to to with product popularity, but many times it does.

These four keys should help you and enable you to pick out the best MLM business for you. I personally have found the best one for me. It has NO competition, has an outrageous retention rate of 90%, and has an ever growing prospect population of at least 130 million people – just in the USA. My only downside is the company is about a year old.

When you find the best MLM business, you will need a great marketing system to attract the right kind of customers.

Look in the resources below for some ideas that could help you with this. To find out the only company that I will promote for the next 10 years, you will have to look at my blog.