How to Find the Best MLM Business For You – And Maximize Your Chance of Success

It’s the “holy grail of MLM” – the quest for the best MLM business opportunity. I must get this question at least twice a week, either from emails or from my blog. “Dr. Bob, what do you currently think is the Best MLM Business?” The answer is always the same.

It depends.

It All Comes Down To You

You can evaluate an MLM business based on many factors, such as the product line, the compensation plan, the leadership, company plans for expansion, and many others. But more importantly, it depends on YOU and how you “fit” with the business.

Let me explain.

To be successful in any business venture, including MLM you must love what you sell. This is not negotiable. It’s almost impossible to successfully market a product that you feel ambivalent about. If you aren’t 100% sold on your product as something that can truly help your customers, you have no business selling it in the first place and chances are very high you won’t have much success.

What might be the best MLM business for me could be the very worst MLM business for you. For example, I am really into financial education and products that help people get out of debt. I searched and found an MLM company that marketed these types of products and began my research. On the other hand, you may be a health nut and feel very strongly about the value of organic nutritional supplements. An MLM business that markets these types of products would be more suitable to you.

Now It’s Time To Do Your Homework

Once you’ve found a business that sells products that interest you, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and do your homework. You should evaluate the company’s compensation plan to be sure it is fair and equitable. You need to research the company leaders and be sure they’ve have a track record of success in the MLM industry.

Next, take a look at the training and support offered by the company. Here is another example of personal choice when it comes to the best MLM business. If a company primarily trains their members to market using traditional approaches like buying leads, making a list of family and friends, and holding home parties, but you are eager to learn how to market on the Internet, then this company may not be for you.

On the other hand, if the very thought of computers makes your blood run cold, than an MLM company whose training focuses on Internet Marketing would not be a very good fit for you.

The Bottom Line

There is no such thing as the “best” MLM company for everyone. You need to decide what’s important to you and then search for the company that most closely fits your needs. Once you’ve found the best MLM business for you, with products that you truly believe in and a company that you’ll be proud to represent, then your chance of success in MLM greatly improves.

If, however you choose a company based solely on media hype or some review you read on the Internet (usually done by someone pitching their own business), then it’s quite likely you’ll be yelling “scam” when you don’t get the results you desire.

What’s the Best MLM Business For Seniors?

…Let’s define BEST and Seniors. BEST first – definition: Most excellent, top, finest, greatest, unsurpassed, paramount, preeminent, superlative. WOW That’s a tough bill to fill.

Now Seniors – definition: Older, Higher, Higher Ranking, Superior, Leading, Chief, Major, Most Important (of course).

How to find the BEST MLM business for Seniors: Start by answering these questions: What are you interested in?

Do you LIKE to sell? What? Phone equipment/plans, Jewelry, Plastic-ware, Cleaning products, Nutritional products, Exercise programs/equipment, Water systems. Do you need a weight loss product? Do you like drinking shakes and dieting, taking fat burning pills, or something easier like just changing brands of something you are already using?

I could go on for two pages at least, but you get the idea. Just get on the Net and look up MLM businesses and keep clicking until you find something you LOVE. Next check out everything about the company and products to be SURE it isn’t just infatuation. Now… JOIN… OR… complete the process in the NEXT paragraph FIRST so you are SURE you’ll be comfortable with your choices. Remember not to get sidetracked by the “shining stars”. What I mean is, if you want people to join YOUR program pick a sponsor who is on the way up… not already at the top. If everyone goes with the Top Dogs, how will anyone new succeed?

Next (or first) is a little bit more difficult task: Find a coach or program you think you can work with. Someone or something that motivates you because you are going to need that motivation to do what is necessary to grow your MLM business. Go about this the same way you found your niche company. Get on the net. Now you can look up programs, trainers, coaches and you can even go to article directories like this one and check out authors who write about what you want to do. Many of them list their training sites if they have one. They even give you free training in their articles. Avoid the Top Dogs here, too.

While you are there, remember to leave a comment on the articles you’ve read. It doesn’t have to be much, even a “Thumbs-Up” will be appreciated. Most MLM on-line businesses will require you to do article writing to build up contacts for yourself, so treat others as you would like to be treated. And don’t let Article Writing scare you. There are PLENTY of programs to teach you to do that, too, if your coach doesn’t already have one built into his/her program. There are also people who can be hired for a song to do this for you.

Now you can sign up with the coach, trainer or program that suites you, and that you can afford. Follow their instructions to the letter. Stay Focused. Put as much time into it as you can manage; the rewards will come, but it does take work up front. Tackle one task at a time so you don’t become scattered. Stay on track!

Being a senior myself, I’m not too crazy about the idea of an MLM business that is BEST for Seniors (we don’t ALL want to sell rocking chairs do we?)! Because Seniors have more experience, patients (for the most part), money (well, maybe not these days), wisdom (you gotta give us that) and Moxie (when was the last time you tried to “put one over” on a senior?)!

Consequently, ANY MLM Business would fit because it isn’t the business, it’s the way it’s MARKETED. So more importantly, what is BEST for YOU? And THAT shouldn’t have anything to do with whether or not you are a Senior. Is there a BEST MLM Business for teenagers?

I’m not trying to get out of fulfilling my commitment of telling you which MLM business if Best for Seniors, but I think you can see: there is no ONE answer to that question… Other than: Everyone is different with different interests, so no matter what social structure you fit into YOU need to find the RIGHT MLM BUSINESS for YOU. As a Senior, you have more wisdom and insight than you did years ago, use them to answer the above questions and find the Right MLM Business for YOU no matter what your age!

Another point, of course, is Seniors may be even MORE suited to an MLM business than the youngsters out there. Providing you aren’t “stuck” in your ways. Seniors can be young in a lot more ways than one can imagine. Most of us look in the mirror and wonder who we are seeing because we don’t FEEL that old!

So an MLM business could be just the perfect set up to keep us Seniors Acting even younger; by giving us hope, excitement, anticipation, the chance to help others, and something to dream about again. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone more determined than a Motivated Senior! Now Start Looking!

6 Parameters To Know You Are In The Best MLM Business

Ask 5 people from various multi level marketing companies exactly what is actually the best mlm company and you will obtain five various companies names.

In this article you are going to find an answer to the question just what is the best mlm company. There are numerous excellent companies around and of course everybody is confident that he happens to be in the ideal network marketing company. Considering that generally there happen to be so many great companies, the appropriate question that you must ask yourself must be not really what is the best mlm business, but what’s the best mlm company for you.

Exactly what makes a company the best mlm business

So as to decide on the best mlm company you must check out the following parameters:

1) The company: Is it genuine? Does it appear to be a business which can be in the market for the following 10-20 years? Are able to you build your future on it? what about the administration staff? Supposing that you are serious, I recommend you get to know the company CEO / staff and check out the company HQ.

2) The compensation plan: Be conscious of what are the compensation plan conditions and if you can carry out just what is should be achieved to get be profitable in the company.

3) The team (representatives force): Who are the top leaders in the company? Do you believe in them? Are they individuals with high virtue and also people who you would like to be guided by and to be coached by??

4) The product: This is a complex subject, but it is obvious that it needs to be a quality product with an enormous market. Preferably with a patent.

5) The timing: This is exactly where it gets a little bit complex, considering people from the established companies will tell that you ought to pick a business with at least 5 years old, so it’s a lot more stable, while anyone in a startup MLM will show you the S curve and tell you how the significant cash is made by the innovators! Who is correct? Both! Each one is assessing the issue with his personal point of view. You ought to select what is the best mlm for you.

6) THE SYSTEM: In my opinion, it is certainly the most significant criterion to your good results. Surely, the other parameters should exist or your business could be out of business when you finally achieve progress.

You may do even more money with an “ordinary” product if you know how to sell, than by having an outstanding stunning product, if you don’t understand exactly how to market it! No matter what your potential future sponsor tell you, your product does not sell itself.

The specific component that all of the best mlm companies contain

So, one of the most very important parameter to look at just before you enroll your company is: Just what is the system that this company/team is applying? What I should perform? Precisely how are the business meetings? Exactly what type of training do they own? Does they educate you how to work online/offline or both? I actually believe that to accomplish genuine achievements, one have to have both of them: online & offline!

A really necessary inquiry which I will certainly think about just before I begin is whether the company have a system that permits me to work online? Is there an individual who will educate me on how to have success on the Internet?

unfortunately most companies don’t have a system to work on internet.

In this particular case, you have 3 options:

– Learn it all by yourself (I genuinely don’t advise this, except if you incline to continue straining for the first six months).

– Find a person or some group that will tutor you on that and enroll with them.

– Make use of a pre-built marketing system. This is perhaps the best option and after creating my own technique, this is exactly what I am doing just now with my team.

Everyone realizes that the internet has changed drastically the home based business industry, and introduced a significant opportunity to early adopters. The honest truth is that people make money in each and every company, regardless of what is the product or the compensation plan. Therefore what makes the variance is the system and the team. Specifically right away, groups that realize just how to with the internet to promote their business have a large advantage.