The Worst and the Best MLM Business – What’s the Difference?

The Trump Buzz

Sure there has been a lot of industry chatter about the new Trump network and whether it will be the best MLM business of the year. But if you’ve been working in the MLM business for awhile you might have seen signs of its impending downfall. Read on as I use the new Trump network to show you what I mean.

The MLM Trap

Since the information explosion brought on by the internet, MLM businesses have been faced with never before seen obstacles. Everyone and their uncle seems to be starting their own new network and each will tell you why there’s is the best MLM business.

Trump’s network appears to be no exception. Just more of the same downline team building and residual check income. But with the incredibly competitive MLM environment today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to build and maintain a team.

Not only are new reps being seduced away by the newest, latest and greatest, upline leaders are also packing up and moving on leaving their downline teams obliterated. The facts are clear, traditional MLM will not work in today’s market.

What Will Work

Imagine a system that would allow you to receive a year’s worth of residual income in one single transaction. Imagine a business that would free you up from having to manage leads lists, recruiting, training and inspiring downline teams while still making as much money as you were. Now that might be the best MLM business, right?

There are new and innovative systems becoming available by some bright people who see these issues and know that times have changed. Some are using the Get Paid Today approach to network marketing. Yes, it is as good as it sounds. Get Paid Today means just that. No more waiting for months only to see your residual income dwindling down to nothing.

I’m sorry Mr. Trump, but your outdated network marketing approach isn’t going to work. If I was in Atlantic City right now, I’d be putting my money on something else.

So What’s Next?

There are many reports on the internet today that will back up what I’m telling you here. The old method of network marketing is dead. The internet killed it. Long live the new method! Search online and ask around, you’re sure to get the information you need to begin building a new business. Sometimes the best MLM business is just the best of the worst. Good luck!